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Welcome to curtision.com. Curtision specialises in 3D, Web & Graphic Design. Above is our Showcase organised under various tabs such as ‘animation’, ‘modelling’ etc. Inside each tab you’ll need to use the interactive arrows and buttons to navigate the slideshow. The showcase contains highlights some of the great work produced by Curtision since 2019. Be sure to also follow our instagram @curtision_3d to see main content plus some casual uploads.
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Stop Motion Animation

Indiana Jones

For my debut university animation project, the challenge was to reimagine a scene from a cinematic classic using stop motion. Embracing a DIY approach, I transformed ordinary printer paper into a cast of expressive puppets. To add depth and dimension to the background characters, I ingeniously fashioned a makeshift platform using a simple glass panel elevated by four cups, creating a multi-layered tableau that breathed life into the scene.

Maya Rendered Animation

Wine Co Expo

Wine Co., a culinary haven specializing in traditional Italian cuisine, caters to a diverse clientele, from lively children’s parties to elegant weddings and beyond. Their award-winning pizzas and pastas are crafted exclusively from the freshest imported Italian ingredients.

This captivating scene, showcasing a meticulously detailed marble statue, rustic barrels, charming hanging signs, and a traditional pizza oven, was brought to life using extrusion modeling in Autodesk Maya. The Wine Co. concept, inspired by a high school assignment, features a playful touch with GTA 5 screenshots and an original Wine Co. logo adorning the walls.

Originally created in 2020 and re-rendered in April 2023, the animation is further enriched by the lively “Bushwick Tarantella” by Kevin MacLeod, adding a final flourish to this delightful culinary journey.

Maya Rendered Animation

Project Odessa

For a university animation assignment, I brought to life a fictional brand called “Odessa,” crafting a captivating animated sequence. Inspired by the dystopian atmosphere of Blade Runner, the story revolves around a protagonist who has escaped from a clandestine research facility engaged in unethical human experimentation. This visually stunning project, completed in early December 2020, serves as a testament to my creative vision and technical prowess in the realm of animation.

Real Time Rendered Animation

Skittle Oddity

In the uncharted depths of our solar system, a cryptic black box materializes, its origins shrouded in enigma. An unsuspecting astronaut, drawn by an irresistible force, hurtles perilously close to the sun’s fiery embrace. This mesmerizing spectacle, rendered in breathtaking detail using Unreal Engine 5, was originally conceived as an animated Skittles advertisement. However, a keen eye will discern a departure from the brand’s familiar identity. The creator, driven by a passion for visual storytelling, prioritized mastering the art of crafting stunning backgrounds and captivating special effects over adhering to conventional narrative structures. The result is a visually arresting journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional advertising, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of wonder and awe.

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