Real Time Animation - Man space skittle

Made for a realtime animation class, made using mostly unreal engine 5. For the project we had to create an animated skittles advert, or atleast meant to be.

“In the depths of our solar system a mysterious black box has appeared, an unwitting astronaut flies too close to the sun”

3D Animation - Project Odessa

An animated sequence for a uni assignment, based on my own fictional brand called Odessa. The main character is meant to be an escapee from a secret research facility conducting live human experiments. Loosely inspired by the movie Blade Runner.

Rendered early December of 2020

3D Animation - WineCo Expo

Made for a ‘Time, Space, Motion’ assignment. Made in Autodesk Maya.

“Wine Co is a  specializes in catering traditional Italian cuisine for kids parties, weddings ETC. Only the freshest imported Italian ingredients go into making our award winning pizzas and pastas.”

Stop Motion - Indiana Jones (Post-Boulder Chase Scene)

Made for a ‘Time, Space, Motion’ assignment.

2D & 3D Animation - Drawcula

Made for my Multimedia HSC major work back in 2019. Inspired by 90s Animated Japanese Television and the Castlevania video game series.

Visit my portfolio website to see all of my work, including a cool landing page animation.

“In the humble country side of Hungary, Dracula rises from the grave once again. Using dark magic derived from his unparalleled artistic skill, he has summoned an army of night creatures to terrorizes innocent peasants all across the kingdom.

Drawcula is an animated series following the adventure of Reed, starving artist who must save her home town from the terror of Dracula.”

Japan Trip January 2020

Made using After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop.

“Heavily inspired by Japanese animated television, This video highlights the most memorable parts of my journey through Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagano, Takayama and more.”

Concept Art

Snow Planet - Enviroment Concept Art

For a concept art class.

Diamond City - Enviroment Concept Art

For a concept art class.

Nebula - Enviroment Concept Art

For a concept art class.


"The Dream"

Made for a university ‘Design Context’ assignment.

The image was inspired by 1930s Great Depression photgraphy, espsically by Margaret Bourke White.